Foot and Ankle Fracture Treatments

FOOT AND ANKLE FRACTURE TREATMENTS in St. Joseph, Kansas City, & Independence, MO

A fracture occurs when one or more bones in either the foot or ankle break. There are different kinds of fractures, and ankle fractures are particularly common among runners and athletes. If you are dealing with a foot or ankle fracture, you must seek immediate medical attention from a qualified foot and ankle surgeon. The team at Pivotal Foot and Ankle Surgeons can help you get back on your feet.

Treating a Broken Ankle or Foot

How we treat the break will depend on the location and the severity of the fracture. We will first need to run x-rays to examine the break more closely. If there aren’t joint instability issues and the bone isn’t shattered or deformed, then our surgical team may simply recommend placing a cast on the foot or ankle. You may also be given crutches to ensure that you stay off the ankle or foot while it heals. You must rest as much as possible and follow all instructions that we provide you to ensure that the bone heals properly.

Surgery is rarely required but may be necessary if there is a bone out of alignment or if the bone is severely damaged. Surgery can be performed to realign the bone, remove bone fragments, and to place pins to hold the bone in place so that it heals properly.

Healing and Recovery

We know that it can take a while for an ankle or foot to fully recover from a fracture. In fact, it can take months to make a full recovery. During this time you will continue to come into our practice so that we can monitor the bone’s healing. At some point, we may replace the cast with a brace or splint. Physical therapy is often prescribed, as it helps patients to retrain and rebuild strength in the ligaments and muscles around the damaged joint. By seeking proper treatment from our foot and ankle surgeons when a fracture happens, you can ensure that you get the proper care you need to prevent long-term pain, instability, and even arthritis.

What's Next?

Pivotal Foot and Ankle Surgeons provides comprehensive foot and ankle care to patients living in and around St. Joseph, Kansas City, and Independence, MO. If you are dealing with a foot or ankle fracture, call our team right away at (816) 364-2338.


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